AM: August 12, 2019

Photo by paulbr75 on Pixabay

On this day in 1908, Henry Ford’s car company completed the first Model-T, which was the first car to be made on an assembly line, and it sold for $206 dollars. An assembly line means that there are people lined up to do one part, then kind of ‘pass it down’ the line. Even though we know Ford for making cars, his greatest invention for the world was the assembly line. He was the first to make cars affordable–the assembly line made it possible to make a car in 90 minutes instead of 700 previously.

People who make inventions that change the world, celebrities, sports figures–I’d think it would be easy to get very proud. We’ve talked before about that, but pride is a tricky thing. You should be proud of what you accomplish, but God wants us to be quiet about our great things we do. If you have a great game, or get an A on a test, feel good about yourself. But if you go around and tell everyone how amazing you are… well, that’s a step in the bad pride direction. Learn how to BE HUMBLE.

So be humble under God’s powerful hand. Then he will lift you up when the right time comes. 

1 Peter 5:6-7 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Thank you for my talents and for making me who I am. I’m proud to be me, and I’m proud of what I can do. Help me to learn the balance of a healthy pride, but with being humble and giving you the credit. Amen.

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