AM: July 21, 2019

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Today is National Ice Cream Day. Fun facts about ice cream: Persians thousands of years ago would store snow in underground caves which kept it frozen, and they ate it with grape-juice on top, kinda like a ancient snow-cone. But the invention of ice cream belongs to the Italians in the city of Naples. In America, Thomas Jefferson wrote a recipe for vanilla ice cream, which is the oldest on record in the US.

Today is also SUNDAY. Worship God with gladness today.

Earth, sing to the Lord!
Be happy as you serve the Lord!
    Come before him with happy songs!
Know that the Lord is God.
    He made us, and we belong to him.
    We are his people, the sheep he takes care of.
Come through the gates to his Temple giving thanks to him.
    Enter his courtyards with songs of praise.
    Honor him and bless his name.
The Lord is good!
    There is no end to his faithful love.
    We can trust him forever and ever!

Psalm 100 (ERV)


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