AM: August 13, 2019

Photo by Bru-nO on Pixabay

So when I was looking at fact about Henry Ford the other day, I found an interesting fun fact: do you know who Thomas Edison is? Edison is called the greatest inventor–he invented over 1000 items such as light bulbs, batteries, telegraph, and an early record-player. He was friends with Ford, and the story is that Ford asked Edison’s son to hold a tube at Edison’s mouth as he was dying, then to put a stopper in it. So at Henry Ford’s museum, he has a display of his friend, Thomas Edison’s last breath. Cool huh? Kinda creepy and weird, but cool.

That’s quite a legacy to leave, so that someone even wants your final breath. We don’t often think about what legacy we are leaving. What will people think about us when we’re older? What are things you’d hope? To be known as truthful, trustworthy, honest, humble, kind… what else? Maybe loyal? Maybe fun and optimistic? Maybe you just really cared a lot? It’s a good thing to think about, because whatever you hope to be known for–those are the things to start doing in each day now.

It is better to be respected than to be rich. A good name is worth more than silver or gold.

Proverbs 22:1 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Show me how to live, to be honest and a person who people can trust. Help me to live up to your name. Amen.

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