AM: August 14, 2019

Photo by andyc666 on Pixabay

Today is V-J Day, which means Victory over Japan. On August 14, 1945, news spread around the world that Japan was surrendering, causing huge celebrations around the globe. Germany had already surrendered a few months earlier. Japan had attacked the US at Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, which is when the US joined the war. V-J day was an important day since it ended this long and bloody war. The US was in it for four years, but many nations has been involved since 1939.

Peace is not an easy thing. It’s hard to imagine what heaven will be like, when there is no more suffering, no crying–it will just be perfection. Our world never really has a time of complete peace, there’s usually conflict of some sort. Our first step is to try and keep peace and to understand our neighbors. And we can look ahead towards heaven, which is our true home.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain

Revelation 21:4 (ERV)

Dear Lord, Be with our world. Be with those people whose countries are involved in war, and help them. Help our leaders work towards peace. And help me lift my eyes to heaven each day, as that is my home, and you are my father. Amen.

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