AM: July 28, 2019

Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Today is National Parent’s Day–I know, I know, didn’t we just have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day??? This day is supposed to be more about the two together as a team, not separately. What can you do for your parents today?

God gave you parents–if you’re lucky, you have two parents with you today. Sometimes kids grow up with only one parent, sometimes kids have adopted parents, sometimes kids grow up with a grandparent or family member. Whatever form your family takes, honor it and thank God for the people brought you into the world, and the ones who raise you and make the hard decisions for what’s best for you. If you have parents who believe in God and trust him to take care of you–thank Jesus!

Children, obey your parents the way the Lord wants, because this is the right thing to do. The command says, “You must respect your father and mother.”[a]This is the first command that has a promise with it. And this is the promise: “Then all will go well with you, and you will have a long life on the earth.

Ephesians 6:1-3 (ERV

Dear Lord, thank you for my parents. They aren’t perfect, but they love me and do what’s best for me. Help me to honor them. Thank you for giving me parents who believe in you. Amen.

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