AM: July 31, 2019

Photo by congerdesign on Pixabay

It’s weird just typing that out–last day of July already…where did the summer go?? Fun fact for the day: the company that makes the soda Orange Crush started over 100 years ago, in 1916. The name Crush stands for the way they got the orange flavor–they crush the peels to get the orange oil out of them.

There are words that crush a positive attitude. Have you ever had a great idea and someone said “That’s stupid” or “That’ll never work”? Have you ever said those things to someone else? There are words that crush your spirit–sometimes we say them to other people, and we’ve had it done to us. Maybe your team has to play a tough opponent and everyone tells you that you’re gonna get demolished in the game. Maybe you wake up and tell your parents that school sucks and it’s going to be a terrible day.

Beware of crushing someone else’s spirit with negative words. And you can even crush your own spirit with them too. Your challenge for today is to realize when you say them, and try to say the opposite–encourage, be hopeful and positive. It doesn’t mean you have to be fake, but try and help the world believe in the good today.

Guard my mouth, O Eternal One; control what I say. Keep a careful watch on every word I speak.

Psalm 141:3 (VOICE)

Dear Lord, Guard my mouth today. Help me to notice words that might crush someone and hold them back today. Amen.

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