PM: July 11, 2019

Photo by RitaE on Pixabay

In Nara, Japan, there’s a story that an ancient god rode a deer into the town to protect it. So deer are very special to them, and the deer can go anywhere in the town freely. There is a park where over 1,000 deer live, and people, especially tourists, like to feed the deer. But a bad part of it is that people must be leaving plastic bags too–9 deer have died because of plastic in their first stomach, which stays and blocks the way for food. The deer know that food comes in those bags, so they eat them. Deer have four stomachs, but the first one is blocked which causes the deer to starve–one deer had 7 pounds of plastic in its stomach. The whole story is on this site if you need more info.

While this is a really sad story, what we need to think about is that God gave us this earth to take care of. I’m sure you’ve heard of climate change and pollution–but you are the generation that can make a change. What are small ways you can use less plastic? Or walk somewhere instead of having a parent drive you?

This is the earth God gave us. Let’s take better care of it.

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth every kind of animal—cattle and reptiles and wildlife of every kind.” And so it was. 25 God made all sorts of wild animals and cattle and reptiles. And God was pleased with what he had done.

Genesis 1:24-25 (TLB)

Dear Lord, Forgive us for not taking good care of your world. Give me wisdom how I can make small steps to do better. Amen.

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