PM: June 18, 2019

Photo by skeeze on Pixabay

God’s love is beyond explanation or understanding.

God’s love is meteoric,
    his loyalty astronomic,
His purpose titanic,
    his verdicts oceanic.
Yet in his largeness
    nothing gets lost;
Not a man, not a mouse,
    slips through the cracks

Psalm 36:5-6 (MSG)

This version of Psalm 36 uses some cool words to describe God’s love:

  • Meteoric–huge, brilliant, like a meteor (other versions say “as great as the heavens”
  • Astronomic–extremely large, colossal
  • Titanic–extremely large, powerful, and important
  • Oceanic–large, enormous

You get the picture?

Dear Lord, Your love is beyond counting, measuring–it is too big to be limited. You love me that much. Thank you, Amen.

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