PM: June 25, 2019

Photo by Ramdlon on Pixabay

Maybe you’ve seen Avengers Endgame, but even if you haven’t, you may have heard one of the lines in it. When Iron Man’s character Tony Stark is putting his daughter to bed, he says “I love you tons” and she replies “I love you 3000”. In real life, it’s what the actor for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr’s kids say to him, so he put it in the movie.

I bet you have something similar to say to your family, sometimes it’s infinity, or to the moon and back, or just “always” like Harry Potter style. We say those things as a way to show that our love can’t really be measure, like we love our parents or kids more than we can express.

Now really multiply that times infinity–and that’s how much God loves you. If you were saying goodnight to God… he would say back “I love you 3000”, or “to infinity”, “a million, billion times”. He loves you more than you can understand.

Measure how high heaven is above the earth;
    God’s wide, loving, kind heart is greater for those who revere Him.

Psalm 103:11 (VOICE)

Dear Lord, Thank you for loving me this much, I love you 3000 Lord. Amen.

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