AM: June 29, 2019

Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

Today is National Camera Day. While it’s not a big deal, the invention of the camera was a huge deal. Did you know that cameras are basically using light to record an image? Photo=light, graph=writing –‘writing with light’

Imagine before cameras–if you wanted a picture of anything, anyone, any place–you had to get someone to paint it. And it’s only been since about 1991 (only about 28 years) that we’ve had digital. Yes, before that you had to buy a roll of film, which meant you could take 24 photos, you couldn’t see them until you took the film to a store and had them make prints. So taking photos was a lot bigger deal back then.

Maybe taking less photos, going through a process to get them–maybe that was better. Maybe photos meant more to people, since they weren’t so easy to get. Maybe they were appreciated more.

Don’t take things for granted around you today. Appreciate your life, your house, your friends, your parents…every little thing.

But whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God, the Creator of all light, and he shines forever without change or shadow.

James 1:17 (NLT)

Dear Lord, Help me to appreciate my life and all the good things you bless me with. Forgive my selfishness and my lack of thankfulness. Amen.

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