AM: May 21,2019

Yesterday we looked at David—today let’s talk about Daniel. You may already know about him…maybe something about lions…??

Photo by Sponchia on Pixabay

When you read the story about Daniel, there’s something to notice. After the king had made the law making people have to pray to the king only, Daniel did this:

10 But though Daniel knew about it, he went home and knelt down as usual in his upstairs bedroom, with its windows open toward Jerusalem, and prayed three times a day, just as he always had, giving thanks to his God.

Daniel 6:10 (TLB)

Notice what it says–he prayed three times a day, just as he always had. Daniel had a habit of praying to God every day. It was something he had always done, for a good part of his life we’d guess.

When we stop and pray, we keep our connection to God. As one author put it, Daniel “aligned his heart with God’s heart. He sought God’s will to be done through his life.” Do you know what it means to align your heart with God’s heart? It means to match up with God’s heart. You want God’s will, or his plan to be done through you. That’s powerful. Taking the time each day to read Bible verses, to come to this website–that’s a good start. Just like Daniel.

Dear Lord, Keep me connected and aligned with you and your plan. Use me Lord to do your plan. Give me the strength I need to show your love to others today. Amen.

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