AM: August 3, 2019

Photo by DarkWorkX on Pixabay

Today in history: In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain today on his famous trip towards the Americas.

Adventure is a big part of life. Some people are more adventurous than others, but we were not created to sit around and stay close to home all the time. We should get into our communities, we should find out about people from different paths than ours. It doesn’t mean you have to travel the globe (which would be nice, right?), but maybe it just means to walk around your neighborhood and meet people. Or go to a different part of town, or a different city in your state–we need to see how other people live, to have a bigger perspective on our world. The only way to fix some of our global problems is to work with other communities, states, countries–so your first step is to understand people and respect them.

Respect everyone. Love the community of believers. Reverence God. Honor your ruler.

1 Peter 2:17 (VOICE)

Dear Lord, Forgive me for being selfish, even when I’m not aware I’m doing it. Give me opportunities to learn about other people and cultures, and give me the wisdom to appreciate and respect our differences. Amen.

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